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  • the culprit: electronic magnetic fields from your devices

    El culpable: Los campos magnéticos electrónicos de sus dispositivos

    BYRDIE.com Article, Published NOVEMBER 10, 2015 by DEVEN HOPP

    It’s not just light coming from your devices. They also emit electronic magnetic fields (EMFs) that—you guessed it—damage skin cells. “EMF emitted from our daily tech devices are not to levels of any pressing concern health-wise, but our skin does absorb these electric magnetic frequencies,” Dr. Ramin Sarshad of Cosmetique Aesthetics says. He suggests facials, which stimulate your skin’s lymphatic drainage system, helping your skin release the toxins that can build up. (At-home facial massage is another great option.) Much like with HEV light, the challenge with EMFs is that radiation reaches the deepest layers of our skin. So, in order to target it, your skincare needs to reach those layers, too. Look for products that boast tiny molecules—small enough to penetrate the different layers of your skin—like Hylamide’s Booster Low-Molecular HA ($20).

    Which digital device are you willing to put down in the name of beauty? Sound off in the comments below!

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