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  • ¡Gracias Cosmetique!

    agosto 22, 2016 by Cosmetiqueadmin

    From Citysearch.com All my life I have struggled with acne and it always made me feel uncomfortable and unattractive. I found Cosmetique Aesthetics through city search and was so impressed with the reviews that I made an appointment for an IPL (photo facial). Since the IPL treatment, my skin has… Leer más

  • Mimar antes de la boda

    agosto 21, 2016 by Cosmetiqueadmin

    I am planning a wedding and went to see if Cosmetique could remove a burst capillary from my arm. He was incredibly skilled and kind and completed my treatment for a very reasonable price. The staff was warm and friendly and the environment was quite relaxing and home. I will… Leer más

  • Ya veo una gran diferencia después de un solo tratamiento

    agosto 20, 2016 by Cosmetiqueadmin

    Dear Doc, Thanks for your help last week. I make a living with my body (model and trainer). After years of enduring waxing on my chest and lower back I was finally ready to make the switch to laser. I already see a huge difference after just one treatment but… Leer más

  • I’ve experienced the best!

    agosto 19, 2016 by Cosmetiqueadmin

    Dear Cosmetique staff, Thank you for taking the time to answer all of my questions Wednesday about Botox! As you know I was very nervous but have been wanting to do it for a long time to reduce the deep lines between my eyes as well as my “crow’s feet.”… Leer más

  • Mi piel se ve más suave

    agosto 18, 2016 by Cosmetiqueadmin

    Hi, Just wanted to thank you helping me. I was really nervous to have anything done with lasers, so as you know I came in to find skin care products to help repair some of the spots and lines on my face from the sun over the years. When the… Leer más