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    Articles Relating to the above vitamins, and vitamins administered intravenously

    Vitamin C administered intravenously might help fight cancer: study
    Author : Steve Walters
    Research from the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, Maryland, indicated in 2005 that vitamin C might have cancer-fighting properties, but at very high doses, possible only through injection into the bloodstream.

    Alternative Approach : Intravenous Vitamins Might Help Control Hot Flashes in Men
    Chicago Daily Herald, 11-30-06
    The men in the study received a combination of B vitamins and vitamin C intravenously every week. They recorded both intensity and frequency of hot flashes. Although the study lasted eight weeks, hot flashes ceased after a few sessions of intravenous vitamins. In addition, the participants experienced a feeling of increased energy as well as better sleep.