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Cosmetique Aesthetics Is Proud To Offer CoolSculpting®, the #1 Non-invasive Body Sculpting Procedure in Culver City & Marina Del Rey

With a total of nine different treatment areas that are now cleared by the FDA, CoolSculpting® is the most safe and effective, non-surgical body contouring procedure available.Cosmetique Aesthetics specializes in CoolSculpting at our Los Angeles med spas. This state-of-the-art procedure gently and effectively delivers controlled cooling, targeting the fat cells beneath the skin while leaving the surrounding skin and tissue unaffected. The treated fat cells are frozen, crystallized, and then left to die off. Your body then processes the fat and eliminates the dead cells in the following months, leaving you with a trimmer and more sculpted figure. CoolSculpting is a permanent body contouring solution that eliminates stubborn fat cells for good. It requires no surgery, anesthesia, or lengthy downtime for recovery. Call us at (833) 660-8775 to learn more about CoolSculpting in Los Angeles!

Does CoolSculpting Work?

As fat cells freeze more quickly than the surrounding cells, these cells can be targeted with the CoolSculpting system. Approved by the FDA in 2010, CoolSculpting treatments have continued to grow in popularity as more people experience the satisfying, permanent results. To maintain the sculpted look, you must continue to manage your diet and maintain your weight after the procedure. However, less fat will be able to collect in the treated area after a CoolSculpting treatment.

The CoolSculpting Treatment

The CoolSculpting procedure involves the use of comfortable, rounded paddles that suction your skin and fat so the freezing process can be administered to the targeted area. Discomfort is very mild, and most patients simply relax, read, or even rest during the procedure. You will feel a pulling sensation of suction, and the cooling sensation as the fat cells are frozen. Our CoolSculpting in Los Angeles is the perfect treatment for unsightly fat deposits in the following areas of the body:

  • Abdomen
  • Love Handles
  • Thighs
  • Under-chin
  • Back Fat
  • Bra Fat
  • Banana Roll
  • Upper Arms

CoolSculpting, the #1 non-invasive fat reduction treatment, is now available to reduce fat under the chin and contour the neck.

CoolSculpting® Is Now FDA-Cleared To Treat the Submandibular Area

The CoolSculpting® treatment is now FDA-cleared to treat the submandibular area, making it the only nonsurgical fat reduction treatment that both contours the area below the jawline and improves the appearance of skin laxity, even in heavier patients. Want to learn more about whether CoolSculpting is right for you? Book a consultation at one of our med spas in Los Angeles!

CoolSculpting® Voted the Best 4 Years in a Row!

When Diet and Exercise Don’t Work: CoolSculpting Is the Answer

Many of our patients at Cosmetique Aesthetics are committed to eating a healthy diet and consistently exercise, but are still plagued by unsightly fatty deposits. Even when the rest of your body is trim, a fatty tummy or thighs can leave you feeling frustrated. The developers of the CoolSculpting technology discovered a non-invasive, non-surgical, system that actually works. After a treatment, clients can go back to work or other activities right away. There is no downtime after a CoolSculpting session.

Should I Try CoolSculpting? Is it Right for Me?

Are you a candidate for CoolSculpting in Los Angeles? There are very few restrictions about who is eligible for this amazing fat-reduction treatment. The only restriction is that you should be within 50 pounds of your ideal weight to get treatment. Pregnant or breastfeeding women are not candidates for the treatment. Some patients with very rare conditions related to response to cold (cryoglobulinemia or Raynaud’s) or nerve diseases should not undergo this treatment. Your medical history will be reviewed to ensure the procedure is safe for you. You can expect to lose about 25 percent of the excess fat within a few months of the treatment.

CoolSculpting is Perfect for Men and Women with Excess Fat

You are a unique individual, and where the fatty deposits and bulges have collected on your body are unique to you. Generally speaking, however, women typically complain of excess fat on the thighs, tummy, and buttocks, while men often have fatty deposits in the tummy area. If you are in good health, generally physically fit, and want to trim off excess fat for a more sculpted appearance, CoolSculpting produces dramatic results. Contact us today to schedule a consultation at our med spa in Los Angeles!

How Does CoolSculpting Work?

Cold can target fat cells without damaging the surrounding tissue – the basics of how our CoolSculpting in Culver City works. The process is called Cryolipolysis® and is the proven science behind this groundbreaking fat reduction treatment. Precisely controlled cooling is applied to the targeted area of unwanted fat. The cells are frozen and the freezing process causes them to die off. You have only a certain number of fat cells in your body (don’t worry – you have plenty more on the rest of your body), and these cells grow and shrink with weight change. After treatment, your body naturally eliminates the destroyed cells, the treated area begins to slim, resulting in a trimmer, more sculpted look within a few short months.

Benefits of CoolSculpting

People who are of normal weight or up to 50 pounds of excess weight can experience a significant improvement in body shape with this groundbreaking treatment. The procedure can help you trim down love handles and unsightly tummy bulges. Rather than living with fat deposits that make you frustrated and unhappy, this treatment can give you a more sculpted and fit appearance that looks completely natural and does not involve surgery or liposuction. 

Some CoolSculpting benefits include:

  • Non-invasive
  • Non-surgical
  • Effectively reduces the fat layer by 20 to 30 percent
  • Easy to tolerate – no anesthetic
  • Fast procedure
  • No downtime

After Your CoolSculpting Treatment

CoolSculpting treatments have no downtime, and you can return to your usual activities directly after the procedure. You will wear a compression garment for comfort, such as an ace bandage wrap. You may have skin in the area that appears white or red which typically remains for just a few hours. Swelling, bruising, or a slight tenderness is not uncommon, as is a numb sensation in the treated area. If encountered, all of these effects will diminish as the weeks pass. You will be given aftercare instructions and we are always available to speak with you should you have any questions or concerns.

How Long Before the Fat Disappears?

As your body slowly eliminates the dead fat cells, you will trim down, a process that takes about two to four months. Typical results of the treatment are a reduction in fat of about 20 to 30 percent. It is very rewarding to watch the fatty area slowly shrink and see the improved definition of your body contour. Seeing our patients achieve great results is one of the reasons we are so passionate about offering CoolSculpting treatments in Los Angeles.

CoolSculpting at Cosmetique Aesthetics

If you are considering CoolSculpting in the Marina Del Rey or Culver City areas, we invite you to visit our state-of-the-art medical spa for a consultation and treatment. We are meticulous, professional, and dedicated to providing every patient with the safest, most effective body sculpting treatments that deliver the best results! Contact us today to schedule a CoolSculpting consultation at our med spa in Los Angeles!


Emily CatlinEmily Catlin
22:33 10 Jul 24
This was my first time doing a specific procedure and Dr. Sarshad was patient, calming and kind. The results are fantastic. I look younger and much better but in a natural way that no one will be able to pinpoint. I will be returning and will refer everyone I know as well! Thank you!
william jacobwilliam jacob
18:34 26 Jun 24
Lili MoratayaLili Morataya
20:19 25 Jun 24
Jolie WangJolie Wang
18:48 24 Jun 24
I love this place for Botox, the front desk and staff are all super friendly, I was kind of scared the first time getting lip fillers but the doctor made me feel comfortable and made me feel so much better, my results are unreal too!
Stacy DennisStacy Dennis
18:22 19 Jun 24
I had a fantastic experience at Cosmetique and highly recommend seeing Dr. Sarshad! I have TMJ and was told by my dentist and oral surgeon to do get botox for my jaw, specifically my masseter muscles. I've had this done 4 times now with varying results - it really matters who you see and this is a great place for it.Dr. Sarshad was amazing and my results were wonderful! I expressed my concerns from a past experience somewhere else, he put me at ease as he talked me through his process, evaluated my jaw muscles and administered the botox. I was comfortable the entire time. Dr. Sarshad checked in with me a couple weeks later to make sure things were set in and I was happy with the results - which I was :)
Leyla HobbiLeyla Hobbi
21:41 18 Jun 24
such an amazing doctor very skilled at his craft i have been to many med spas and had lots of botox he is by far the only one i trust with my face.amazing bed side manner and kind kind person. thank you dr!
Jessica SchwartzJessica Schwartz
06:35 18 Jun 24
I have been coming here for a couple of months once a week now for weight loss management & treatment and I am already so happy with my results and the journey I am on. The doctor and his staff are fantastic. I feel great from the inside out!!! I am seeing very consistent results. I also appreciate the hormone testing and finding ways to get to the route of what is going on in my body. They take that very seriously unlike past doctors or nutritionists I have experience. Speaking of, I get great nutritional tips from the doctor and Rose on his team that have truly helped me. It's truly life changing. It really clicked for me in terms of changing my dietary habits. I also appreciate that the first time I came in they asked me straight up if I would like to know the number how much I weigh. They are very aware of the sensitive nature of it which I feel like 99 percent of doctor's offices do not fully comprehend. I really appreciated that because I personally get very obsessive about the exact number so it's helpful for me that I just know the lbs lost rather than the exact number on the scale. Very happy thus far and couldn't recommend working with them enough.
Carolyn KieferCarolyn Kiefer
00:28 05 Jun 24
As someone who was hesitant about cosmetic procedures of this nature, I have to say Dr. Sarshad is remarkable. He took his time to explain the process, what was being used, and carefully walking through his recommendations. I highly recommend him and his team.
Krystal KelleyKrystal Kelley
20:04 03 May 24
I’ve been coming here for lip and under eye filler since 2017 and when I tell you The amount of compliments i receive when I get my lips done here by Dr. Sarshad is incredible. He’s so kind and helps me feel comfortable right away. His technique is amazing.I never have any bruising or pain. Best work I've ever had. Thank you always Dr. Sarshad.
Megan VaughnMegan Vaughn
16:36 22 Apr 24
Dr. Sarshad is the absolute BEST! Very talented, honest and kind. I would recommend him and his staff to everyone I know. Very happy with my results!
Ana GrandeAna Grande
16:24 16 Apr 24
I've been a client for a number of years, and they are, by far, one of the best. They individualize treatment based on your needs, listen to what's happening, and gently walk you through the process.As someone who battles with PCOS , they have experience running labs, developing a regimen that works for your body, hair removal, weight loss medication, and above all- seeing results!They treat you with a white glove service, are flexible with your schedule, and know you by name. Highly recommend!
Audrey PayneAudrey Payne
19:33 12 Apr 24
Got my first Fraxel done and it was a white glove experience! Made sure I was comfortable, no pain, followed up with me and ensured I was happy w my result. I will be back!
gisela arenasgisela arenas
18:34 29 Feb 24
I have been going to the clinic for various treatments for 3 years and I am really very satisfied with the results, the experience and the professionalism with which they treat you.
Jackie TJackie T
00:24 14 Feb 24
Very professional, knowledgeable, honest and friendly staff. Highly recommended them. I’ve used them for weight loss and fillers, could not be happier with results.
Amy DavisAmy Davis
18:36 01 Jan 24
I’ve seen Dr Sarshad (and Rose) for over a decade now. Honestly I don’t trust anyone more. His skill and eye are unmatched!
roger Normanroger Norman
20:05 08 Nov 23
We have been going to Dr Sarshad & his staff at Cosmetique since 2005. We have used them for Botox, laser hair removal, B-12 IV's and wellness injections, IPL facials and many other things. The staff is fabulous, courteous, kind, friendly and very helpful.
Karin ShawKarin Shaw
21:16 03 Nov 23
Got mold removed - no pain, much gain - it seriously didn’t hurt, took 30 seconds and you can’t tell it was ever there. Great job and many thanks. Highly recommend!
Keshia LittleKeshia Little
21:22 01 Nov 23
Today I went in to get lip injections for the first time. I absolutely love my results. Dr. Sarshad was so helpful. He did his best to calm me down because I was super nervous. He made me smile so much, he was very fun yet professional. I feel so beautiful with my new lips.💋Thank you Cosmetique Aesthetics!
Pat PPat P
21:19 26 Oct 23
Absolutely love this place! The staff is wonderful and friendly. I had several balding spots on my head so I went to Cosmetique for help. The doctor started me off with prp injections for the scalp and believe me, that stuff works!!!My bald spots are almost gone and my hair feels thicket than ever. I couldn’t have had the confidence I have now if it wasn’t for Dr Sharshad and his knowledgeable staff. Plus they will work with you to get you the best bang for your buck! Definitely a must go place for me. I highly recommend it.
Yosune GeorgeYosune George
19:47 21 Oct 23
I’ve been seeing Dr Sarshad for many years. Dr Sarshad and his staff are amazing! I was back in his office for an aesthetic procedure and I have to say their care before, during and after the procedure was espectacular. I had a great experience. I’m still healing and everything is looking so good. I’m so excited with the results so far. Dr Sarshad and Rose, the officer manager, were the most professional and compassionate humans I have encountered. When you are looking to put yourself in the hands of others it’s such a difficult and scary decision. With Dr Sarshad was easy and pleasant. I love this place. Would recommend 100%!
My experiences with Dr. Sarshad has been excellent and his staff is always extremely friendly and helpful . Dr. Sarshad takes the time to explain options thoroughly , listens to your concerns and never pushes you in treatment options. I am extremely pleased with my results in both weight loss and injections. I would highly recommend him.
Isabel JuarezIsabel Juarez
20:33 02 Sep 23
Dr. Sarshad is amazing! He stays up to date with the newest procedures in rejuvenation. I have been his patient for the past 14 years. ( I did see other medical doctors while I was relocated for work outside of LA, and ended up returning to him -driving 2 hours to see him). He is an awesome Dr. who is dedicated to providing you with quality results. He takes the time to study your needs and applies the adequate care to best benefits you. I feel young I look young and family and friend tell me how great I look for my age. Highly recommend him.
Nancy AdzentoivichNancy Adzentoivich
23:55 11 Oct 21
I had a great experience here. I had Juvederm filler placed in my lips for the very first time. I was nervous about not only the pain, but also about looking too "done", the doctor made sure that wouldn't happen. He listened to all of my concerns and understood what I hoped to achieve. I just booked my second appointment for a completely different service and I am very excited!UPDATE: I have been back countless times since my original review and I can only say that I continue to be very satisfied with the results achieved by Dr. Sarshad and team! I refer my friends all the time and everyone who visits the office has had a similar experience.