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  • can you “un-do” dermal fillers?

    Can You “Un-Do” Dermal Fillers?

    Over the past few years, dermal fillers have gained popularity

    Dermal fillers is being used as a way to temporarily reduce the appearance of fine lines and give the face an overall more youthful look. When given by a licensed practitioner,  the goal for dermal fillers is to give results that are symmetrical and satisfying to the patient. What happens if a patient is in the minority, and is dissatisfied with their dermal fillers?

    dermal fillers los angelesWhile a patient’s odds of successful dermal fillers are much higher when they go to a reputable cosmetic provider, sometimes patients go to less experienced practitioners and find themselves with asymmetrical results. Another possibility for discontent is that the patient found that their body simply reacts poorly to fillers by causing excessive swelling or unsightly lumps beneath the skin. A patient may decide they want their fillers removed for either of these reasons, but what are their options for undoing dermal fillers?

    Can You Remove Unsatisfying Dermal Fillers?

    For patients who are dissatisfied with their dermal fillers, there is good news! It is entirely possible for a licensed practitioner to alter the fillers into a more satisfying result as well as completely removing certain types of fillers. For  best results, a Cosmetic Practitioner will treat each case based on the severity of the symptoms and on the desired outcome. Contact Cosmetique Aesthetics to learn more about this process.

    Massaging to Smooth Dermal Fillers

    Small lumps and subtle asymmetry are both considered to be mild unflattering results and will typically be resolved without significant correction. By massaging the area, a patient or provider can smooth out the lumps and create a smoother, more even result from their dermal fillers. For patients who are unsure of the proper way to massage their fillers, they should consult their practitioner for proper techniques. Ask Dr. Sarshad.

    Removing Juvéderm and Fillers Made With Hyaluronic Acid (HA)

    Many of the most popular dermal fillers are made with hyaluronic acid, including Juvéderm, Restylane, and Belotero to name a few. This type of filler made with HA means that they can generally be removed without too much fuss. By injecting an enzyme known as hyaluronidase into the area where dermal fillers were applied, the enzyme will eat away at fillers made with hyaluronic acid to improve issues like:

    1. Overfilling
    2. Excessive or long-term swelling
    3. Infection resulting from dermal fillers
    4. Persistent lumps
    5. Vascular compromise (a rare issue in which fillers have been injected too near a blood vessel. Experienced cosmetic surgeons rarely make this mistake).

    With these benefits in mind, it’s important to remember that hyaluronidase isn’t a miracle treatment. The enzyme can occasionally break down more hyaluronic acid than desired, which then creates a need for more fillers to be injected. In other situations, a patient may find themselves allergic to the animal byproducts in hyaluronidase and have a negative reaction to treatment. Overall, however, most patients find that hyaluronidase is effective in removing or improving their dermal fillers.

    Treatments to Remove and Improve Non-Hyaluronic Acid Fillers

    Hyaluronidase is only effective in treating fillers made with hyaluronic acid, therefore, in fillers like Sculptra, Bellafill or Radiesse, this enzyme will not be effective.  In some situations, an injectable steroid may be applied to undo some of the negative effects of fillers like swelling or lumps, but the only reliable way to remove these fillers is by waiting for them to naturally fade away.

    For patients who are unable or unwilling to wait the year or so it takes for dermal fillers to be completely absorbed by the body, an experienced cosmetic surgeon may be able to improve results by adding more filler to balance and even out problem areas. In cases where dermal fillers absolutely must be taken out, a practitioner may perform surgery to remove the fillers entirely.

    Making a Choice

    It’s important to remember that any dermal filler will go away with time, but waiting isn’t always an option for patients. Whether it’s due to prolonged mild swelling or significantly unwanted results, some patients may feel that their fillers need to be removed before their body has time to metabolize the product. While early removal is optional in these cases, it should be noted that pain or especially noticeable swelling should be immediately addressed by a cosmetic surgeon, as these are telltale signs of infection.

    An Ounce of Prevention

    The easiest way to prevent unpleasant filler results is for a patient to know exactly what they want and select an experienced cosmetic practitioner who is capable of providing those results. Board certified cosmetic surgeons as well as Physician’s Assistants are typically, more than qualified to reliably perform dermal fillers and help patients choose the product that’s right for them. By taking the time to carefully examine a Practitioner’s experience and specializations, a patient can greatly improve their odds of being satisfied with their dermal fillers and prevent the need to remove or improve upon their original treatment.

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