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  • effortless fat loss that works

    Effortless Fat Loss That Works

    What is VASER Shape?

    VASER Shape is a non-invasive contouring device that combines ultrasound and massage to break up fat cells. VASER Shape features Ultrasound diathermy to generate localized heat underneath the surface of the skin. The heat produced by ultrasound diathermy creates a micro-massage effect on the fat cells.

    By warming the connective tissue, redistributing fat and enhancing blood circulation, VASER Shape therapy can reduce the appearance of fat and cellulite, reshaping the body with no pain and no downtime. Clients can see an immediate reduction after the first session, and they can decide on several more treatments. While some patients have lost as much as 2 inches in the first session, clients can expect a 3-4 inch reduction over 4-5 weeks of treatments.

    While VASER Shape should not be regarded as a replacement for liposuction, it is a great non-surgical alternative. It is safe and effective for both women and men.

    What Can VASER Shape Treat?

    VASER Shape can be used on nearly all the areas prone to fat cells, such as the abdomen, arms, flanks, love handles (hips), buttocks, inner and outer thighs.

    Besides a visibly slimmer appearance, VASER Shape improves local blood circulation, tightens and smoothens the skin, reshaping your whole body. Also, it reduces pain and swelling commonly associated with liposuction. It can be beneficial to combine VASER Shape with an invasive procedure like liposuction. VASER Shape is not suitable for overweight people, but rather for those with smaller areas of fat. While it is not a replacement for liposuction or skin tightening procedures, it’s a worthy alternative for patients who want to avoid surgery.

    Why Choose VASER Shape Over Other Non-Surgical Treatments?

    VASER Shape is one of the most non-invasive and comfortable therapies for fat-loss. It has immediate results, and it can custom shape targeted body areas. Patients report an enjoyable treatment experience, like receiving a warm massage. But unlike a regular massage, there is an immediate improvement in one’s silhouette. It also affects a larger volume of fatty tissue and gets deeper into the tissue. 

    VASER Shape is a non-invasive therapy that shrinks the fatty layer of the treated areas without anesthesia and surgery. It does not affect the surrounding blood vessels, nerves, and connective tissues.

    If you want to learn more about VASER Shape, just schedule a free consultation at Cosmetique Aesthetics with one of our experienced technicians. Find out whether VASER is right for you and how many treatments are recommended to achieve the look you’ve been after.

    VASER Therapy is available at our clinics throughout California, in Culver City, Marina Del Rey, Mar Vista and Playa Vista. Contact us to today schedule your free appointment!