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  • the laser hair removal business is booming

    The laser hair removal business is booming

    Dr. Sarshad was interviewed for an article about the ins and outs of male grooming

    On February 2016, an article was published on hollywoodreporter.com by Chris Gardner. Pret-a-Reporter caught up with Dr. Sarshad because they were developing a story about men grooming and laser hair removal. We’d like to share part of that conversation here with our audience too because it’s more relevant than ever.

    About that hair removal biz…

    Pret-a-Reporter: Manscaping has received loads of attention recently as the spotlight turns to hair removal procedures for men. Have you seen a change in your business in terms of male versus female demographic?

    Sarshad: Yes, we have seen a lot more men coming in and receiving laser hair removal treatments. We have always had a loyal male customer base for services such as fillers, botox, lipo and facials. Hair removal treatments have become as paramount to men as it is to many women. We have seen an upsurge in male requests for laser hair removal for difficult beards, along the neckline — for many men, hair on this part of the body grows very rapidly — and on the back. Laser hair removal for legs has become an increasing popular request amongst our male clientele too.

    What is the most common area men come in for?

    Most common areas seem to be the neck and back, (it means less visits to the barber, too!)

    Is there a difference in laser hair removal treatments for men vs. women?

    Yes, men need more sessions then women because of the hormonal difference. I always want to meet the person before undergoing a series of laser hair removal treatments to ascertain how many sessions I would recommend.


    To conclude, there’s a spike in the hair removal business from men. Dr. Sarshad has been medical director of Culver City-based Cosmetique Aesthetics since 2005, and while we cannot reveal any client names for confidentiality purposes, we welcome Hollywood insiders and outsiders on our client’s list. Grammys Style: 18 Style Moments That Wow’d (for Better or Worse)Grammys Style: 18 Style Moments That Wow’d (for Better or Worse)