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Chemical Peels – Are They Safe?

Chemical peels are a popular choice for people wanting immediate results for fine lines, wrinkles, uneven skin pigmentation, acne scarring and skin rejuvenation. Before deciding on a chemical peel, however, many patients have questions ranging from whether it is a safe procedure to what, exactly, is a chemical peel?

Chemical peels are performed by taking an acid solution to remove any damaged outer layers of skin. Chemical peels can improve and enhance the smoothness and texture of skin, treating facial blemishes, wrinkles and skin pigmentation.

Just as in most medical procedures, chemical peels do have some slight risks. While chemical peels rarely result in serious complications and are considered extremely safe, some patients may experience swelling, scarring, numbness, infection and changes in skin tone. It is always recommended to have your chemical peel procedure performed by an experienced physician. And by adhering to your doctor’s instructions post-procedure, you can dramatically reduce any side effects and complications.

To help in healing after a chemical peel procedure, your physician may advise you to avoid sun exposure for several months. This will help protect your newly forming layers of skin.

Depending on the type of chemical peel procedure you receive, your doctor may prescribe mild pain medication to alleviate any tingling, throbbing or soreness you may feel. Some patients may experience mild crusting or scabbing over the treated areas.

After your chemical peel, you may experience temporary flaking, scaling, redness or dryness on the treated areas. As your skin adjusts to treatment, these conditions will be alleviated. It is essential that you follow your doctor’s post-procedure instructions to alleviate and minimize any after effects.

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