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Laser Hair Removal Candidate

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Whether laser hair removal will work for you depends on several factors, the most important being your hair color and skin type. Individuals with dark hair and light-colored skin get maximum results. That’s why we strongly encourage clients to avoid tanning before and after their laser hair removal. Light hair, such as blonde or red, contains a pigment that doesn’t absorb laser energy as well as brown or black hair, and therefore does not respond as well to therapy. Those with very tan skin who have very light body hair are not usually suitable candidates for laser hair removal, because darkened skin absorbs too much light, and a laser is nothing but highly concentrated light. A major prerequisite for successful laser hair removal is that the patient’s hair is darker than the surrounding skin.

New laser technology has made it possible for people with a variety of skin tones (including dark complexions) to get significant results. We successfully treat many skin tones here at Cosmetique, due to our high-end technology and qualified practitioners. Consultations are complimentary, so you can call (310) 853-6194 to set up an appointment and get further pricing and information about the number of treatments you will need to meet your goals.

Many variables can affect the outcome of laser hair removal, and some patients require more sessions than others to produce the same results. Though the technique is highly advanced, there are no absolute guarantees in laser hair removal. Advertisements that guarantee reduction or permanent elimination of hair by this technique should not be trusted. Reputable clinics practicing laser hair removal do not make such misleading claims.

Look for clinics that use FDA-approved instruments and a trained medical staff. In general, more sessions bring better and longer-lasting results. The exact cost of laser hair removal depends on the size of the body area to undergo treatment, as well as on the general and specific physical characteristics of the patient. To obtain an estimate of how much it will cost, please call (310) 853-6194 to set up a free consultation.

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