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  • how does skin resurfacing and rejuvenation repair your skin?

    How Does Skin Resurfacing and Rejuvenation Repair Your Skin?

    The surface of your skin is constantly exposed to the elements. From wind and rain, to snow and sun damage, your skin is under siege. The epidermis is also prone to damage by physical trauma and scarring, such as from acne.

    Preventative measures like facial cleansing routines, hydrating moisturizing creams, and SPF sunscreen reduce some risks, but not all. So, what can you do when skin disrepair rears its ugly head? Throughout this article, we’ll explain more about what damage looks like and how skin resurfacing and rejuvenation can help.

    Signs and Symptoms to Watch For

    Skin gets damaged for various reasons, including age. Over time, skin cells respond less to topical stimulants and natural internal reactions, which causes collagen production and cell regeneration to slow. Whether your skin is showing symptoms of age, weather damage or neglect, there are a few signs to watch for:

    • Crow’s Feet: Crow’s feet appear around the outer corners of the eye. These can be caused by laughing or squinting.
    • Furrow Lines or Frown Lines: Between the brows, you may notice furrow or frown lines beginning to form. Although they’re small, furrow lines have a drastic impact on the appearance of age.
    • Acne Scarring: As if getting pimples weren’t bad enough, many Americans deal with acne scarring. These small blemishes are left over from spots that never healed properly. They often appear as darkened splotches on the skin, sometimes raised or sunken.
    • Scars: Scars aren’t only acne-related. Some scarring occurs due to burns, scrapes and scratches.
    • Age Spots: Age spots appear as splotches of increased pigmentation across the skin.
    • Sun Damage: Like age spots, sun damage often causes discoloration. It also causes thickening and roughening of the skin.

    All these issues can be treated successfully with skin resurfacing and rejuvenation services.

    The Science Behind Skin Resurfacing and Rejuvenation

    Skin rejuvenation treatment is a non-invasive alternative to plastic surgery and harsh chemical peels. At Cosmetique Aesthetics in Culver City, we are excited to offer ALMI, an all-natural skin rejuvenation procedure. Instead of using synthetic filler, ALMI uses your own cells and tissue which restores the volume, texture and tone to your skin. Studies show that ALMI reduces nasolabial folds, scarring, oral commissures, spots, discoloration, fine lines and wrinkles.

    Skin resurfacing treatment also works by encouraging collagen regeneration. Collagen is a protein that gives your skin its elasticity. When collagen cells are damaged, the skin begins to loosen and sag, causing wrinkles and other blemishes. Intense pulsed light lasers stimulate collagen repair and remodeling, which allows for smoother, firmer facial skin to appear.

    Scheduling an Appointment

    Skin rejuvenation services are available in our Culver City location. Cosmetique Aesthetics is constantly expanding, and we welcome residents of surrounding cities to visit us. From Playa Vista to Marina Del Rey and Mar Vista, we’re always happy to see new faces in our office. Call us today to schedule a free consultation!