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  • taking some of the mystery out of injectables

    Taking Some of the Mystery Out of Injectables

    Cybelesays Special Report, Published FRIDAY, MARCH 04, 2016 by Cybele P.

    Face it, getting any kind of Botox or fillers requires someone who knows what they’re doing. I mean, do Botox parties still exist? I wouldn’t be caught at one of those getting a treatment; too fly-by-night. So for me, it’s all about referral like a dermatologist or eyebrow waxer. Every person has their own style and you just want to make sure you get one that knows what they’re doing. But if you don’t know who or what to ask, how can you find a good one for you? This is why I wanted to write this piece; to take away some of the mystery.

    I recently had to opportunity to experience Cosmetique Aesthetics in Culver City, CA. And it came around at the best time as I had been asking around to friends to see who they have been using. I have had some Botox and fillers in the past but not on a consistent basis and the one woman I had gone to like once a year for the past 3 years left where she was, so back to square one.

    Cosmetique Aesthetics seems to do everything

    Dermal Fillers and Neurotoxins (Botox etc), skin rejuvenation procedures like Fraxel Laser, Laser Hair Removal, Leg and Vein Treatment, and even Skin Treatments like Microdermabrasion, Chemical Peels and more, which are listed on their site.

    The doctor who took care of me was Ramin Sarshad and I also met with the Director of Operations, Jenny, who answered any and all questions I had, and believe me, I had a lot!

    I was most interested in fillers and Botox and when it comes to the actual product that is used for each,  there are quite a few different brands you can use, so in the vein of keeping it simple, I’m just going to talk about what brands they used for me:

    • Dysport – for use in the forehead and crow’s feet
    • Juvéderm XC – for use around the mouth area and in lips
    • Radiesse – also for use around the mouth area

    When it comes to injecting the actual product, every practitioner has their own method or style. From my experience and what I’ve read/heard about from friends and seen in videos, the method most used is the standard apply some numbing cream all over the area being injected, then apply an ice pack to the area immediately before each injection. I’m sure no one is a fan of being stuck with a needle anywhere in their body, but I seem to be really sensitive, and always have been. No matter how much ice and numbing cream and/or ice I apply, each shot makes me jump a little and I usually get quite red in the injected area.  Overall, just not a fun time.

    I guess I expected the same when I walked in to see Dr. Sarshad but I was totally wrong. See he has a method where he uses a Cannula to do the placement of the injectable liquid under the skin.

    Here’s how he does it:

    First he injects a pain blocker at each corner of my mouth with a needle. After I’m numb, he sticks the Cannula into the hole he just made with the numbing needle to inject the liquid into each area, which in this case is the lips and then around my mouth.

    The Cannula’s end is blunt so it is not cutting into or through any tissue under the skin. He is simply moving it around my lip area placing the solution where he wants. And then he did the same method in the nasolabial folds or “parenthesis” around my mouth.

    Think of the Cannula as an underwater diver with a camera in a sea of seaweed navigating his way through. The seaweed just moves out of the way and adapts to the intruding item no problem. This is how I think of the Cannula moving around the area he’s injecting. And, since he is going in and out of the same hole there is a really small percentage of bruising.

    And the best part?

    The pain was cut about 90% for me! And I know it wasn’t solely due to the pain blocker because I’ve had pain blockers before and it just didn’t seem to work all the way through. Only about half of the injections were ever tolerable. So taking almost all the pain out of the overall procedure was quite exciting for me, as you can imagine!

    The forehead is the forehead and besides just applying an ice pack for a few seconds right before each injection, there’s not much else you can do but grin and bear it. But thankfully the injections are quick, not too deep and it don’t seem to hurt as much in that area.

    So how were my results?

    Overall, I like it. Just MBB (me but better!). It takes about 4 to 7 days to see results up on the forehead (7 to 10 days if you use Botox) and I think I will lighten up a little on the Dysport next time but my lip area looks fab! The parenthesis around my mouth are smoothed out and my lips look natural and just a little pumped up; nothing over the top. I did go back to get my bottom lip a injected with a little more Juvéderm XC so I could have an even look (the bottom lip should be 1/3rd bigger than your top lip).

    Like with any service, I recommend getting a consultation. That way they can go over all your questions and explain how some of their services can slow down the visible signs of aging. And of course consults are always free!

    Speaking of, when it comes to pricing for the above it really depends on how much you need and pricing for each is basically the same no matter where you go. If you see a “sale,” I’d run the other way! Here is a breakdown for what I received that should help:

    • Dysport, it’s $12/unit and I had 42 units put into my frown lines and forehead.
    • Juvederm XC is $645-$695 per 1cc syringe and typical is usually one full syringe.
    • Radiesse is $750 per 1.5cc syringe and it can vary depending how much a person needs.

    So I will be going back to see Dr. Sarshad and Jenny in the near future and if you decide to go in for a consult, tell ‘em Cybelesays sent you! Visit them @ vaserlipola.com.

    Casual shots using NO Photoshop, just the following makeup products: Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Invisible Cover Stick Foundation in 127=Y335 Dark Sand, Pixi Beauty Correction Concentrate in Brightening Peach, Blinc Mascara in Black, Lancome Drama Liqui-Pencil in Parisian Night, Tarte Tarteist Lip Crayon in Boho, Ciate Liquid Velvet in Smitten, Make Up For Ever HD Blush in #420, Hourglass Arch Brow Sculpting Pencil in Soft Brunette, Bobbi Brown Sheer Finish Pressed Powder in Soft Sand.

    Disclosure: Services were provided gratis for this feature. Check source blog here