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  • vaser lipo advantages over traditional liposuction

    VASER Lipo Advantages Over Traditional Liposuction


    Traditional Liposuction was developed in the 1920’s and was created to remove large areas of excess fat in an attempt to contour and shape the treated areas, however,  new and improved techniques are created each year. Vaser Liposuction, also called Liposculpting, is the latest method used by plastic surgeons today. This technique is a vast improvement over traditional options. Vaser Liposuction targets localized stubborn pockets of fat that are hard to target with lifestyle change such as diet and exercise. It is also minimally invasive, making it an attractive option to patients as well.

    What is VASER Lipo

    VASER stands for Vibration Amplification of Sound Energy at Resonance. Vaser Liposuction or Vaser Lipo uses ultrasound technology to break down fatty tissue. Unlike traditionally  invasive Liposuction which requires a longer healing process, this particular procedure offers a much more rapid recovery and the results are close to immediate and continue throughout the following weeks.

    Every person has unique preferences and needs. Choosing which method of liposuction to remove fat is a personal choice. Tradition liposuction works to remove larger areas of excess fat while Vaser Lipo is utilized for patients with an average Body Mass Index (BMI). Vaser Lipo is recommended for the removal of small portions of fat from specific areas.

    Advantages of VASER Lipo

    vaser lipo beverly hillsVaser Lipo treatment is a fairly quick procedure with no overnight stay necessary, which is the preference for many patients and surgeons. It  is performed under local anesthetic. One of many benefits with this procedure is that it stimulates collagen production, producing tighter skin rather than potential sagging that can occur with traditional Lipo. Another benefit that draws patients to Vaser Lipo is that it is a single procedure that eliminates the need for Abdominoplasty (tummy tuck). The results of treatment with Vaser Lipo are obvious the very first day and continue to improve over the following months. Patients can also return to normal activities within a shorter time span, although there may be a small amount of discomfort following the procedure.

    What to Expect Post-Procedure

    Some patients may experience erythema ablipo (skin discolouration). This is caused by the high heat level that occurs during the procedure. However, the risk is low. Bruising and bleeding are common immediately after the treatment but are usually minimal.

    For optimal results, patients are advised to have manual lymphatic drainage massage regularly for two weeks immediately after the procedure. Surgical drains may be needed and can be fitted before leaving. The drains are easily removed and are only required for up to five days immediately after the procedure. Patients are required to wear compression garments to avoid the risk of blood clots. These are worn for two to four weeks after the operation.

    The Vaser Lipo technique does have some differences in methods. Depending on which method is used, Patients may be advised to not drive or fly for a few weeks during the recovery period.

    Dr. Ramin Sarshad at Cosmetique Aesthetics uses the most successful procedure for sculpting and contouring your body. Please schedule a complimentary consultation using the form on this page or call now @ 310-837-5555 to discuss your options in greater details.

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