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  • where does the fat go after a vaser shape procedure?

    Where Does the Fat Go After a Vaser Shape Procedure?

    Liposuction and VASER SHAPE/ QUANTAS

    By now we are sure you have heard about the new aesthetic procedures that will help you get rid of stubborn fat, but you are probably wondering which procedure would be the best option for you. Many people wonder what the differences are between melting the fat versus suctioning the fat. Below we are describing liposuction and vaser shape, two body contouring treatments offered by Dr. Sarshad here at Cosmetique Aesthetics as well as answer questions like “Where will the fat go and can the fat come back?

    Melt the Fat Method

    Non Surgical Vaser Shape Los AngelesThis method used for fat elimination is called Vaser Shape.  VASER / QUANTAS reshapes the body with no pain and no downtime and generally requires 3-5 treatments, although some people see difference after just one session.

    This device attacks fat cells using ultrasound technology.. Ultrasound waves are used to break down fat cells through exposure that eventually heats up the cells and kills them. The device is held about an inch above the area that needs to be treated. No other cells are damaged during the procedure since the device only hits fat cells. This procedure is simple, and painless. If you have ever had a hot stone massage then you are already familiar with what to expect during this treatment. That is all the machine does, but the procedure is not over. Dead cells remain in the body until the lymphatic system recognizes the dead cells and begins the process of elimination. Results are immediate, however you will continue to see results over the next few weeks.

    Suction the Fat Method

    The suctioning option otherwise know as Liposuction is perhaps the most well known procedure for removing excess fat. Yes, this procedure is considered a surgical procedure because an incision is made under the skin in order to remove fat. The incision is a pathway for what is referred to as the cannula, which is a small tube that is used to suck out fat from areas that need to be treated. Fat may be left in the body, but the cells that make up any remaining fat will get damaged. The body will eventually recognize the dead cells and remove them.

    Dr. Ramin Sarshad at Cosmetique Aesthetics uses the most successful and Modern procedures for sculpting and contouring your body. Please schedule a consultation using the form on this page, or call us now @ 310-837-5555 to discuss your options in greater details.

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