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  • fast and easy weight loss with liposuction

    Fast and Easy Weight Loss With Liposuction

    Diet and exercise are traditional go-to weight loss methods for those who want to slim down and lose excess weight. However, sometimes excess fat just won’t go away regardless of how many diets you try, or how many times per week you exercise. Liposuction is a fast and easy weight loss method that removes fat and that can help you reshape your body and achieve the silhouette you desire. 

    Here’s a look at the benefits of liposuction for weight loss, and where you can receive this safe, effective cosmetic procedure.

    How Can Liposuction Help With Weight Loss?

    Some people have stubborn fat that lingers long after they’ve lost most of their excess weight. The stomach, thighs, hips, upper arms, and back are common problematic areas that can retain fat no matter which spot reduction exercises you try. Liposuction can remove excess fat tissue from these stubborn areas so you can regain your confidence and feel more comfortable inside and out.

    Liposuction is a popular surgical procedure that extracts fat cells out of certain areas that can’t be slimmed down with diet and exercise. Many of today’s liposuction techniques, such as VASERlipo, are minimally invasive compared to traditional surgical liposuction, and can remove fat without damaging surrounding tissues. VASERlipo can even remove fat deposits around certain muscles to produce a tighter, more defined look and physique.

    Liposuction vs. Diet and Exercise

    Many fad diets produce temporary results due to the way they restrict certain food groups, and not all fad diets are necessarily healthy. Exercising regularly is great for your overall health and offers countless benefits, though sometimes it can take many years of regular exercise to achieve your ideal weight and look. Plus, spot reduction exercises are ineffective due to the way the body burns fat as a whole, and not just in certain areas. For instance, a person with excess weight cannot achieve a flatter stomach with abdominal crunches alone.

    When it comes to losing excess weight and improving certain areas, liposuction can help you meet your goals more quickly. If you have a special event coming up such as a wedding or anniversary, liposuction can be far more effective than diet and exercise at helping you become slimmer within a designated time frame.

    Liposuction vs. Other Body-Contouring Procedures

    Other body-contouring procedures include tummy tuck surgery, breast rejuvenation, thigh lift, and upper arm lift surgery. People who want a fat-elimination surgery may seek one or more of these procedures to enhance their silhouette. However, liposuction offers far more advantages than most other body-contouring procedures.

    Liposuction with VASERlipo requires tiny incisions, while other cosmetic surgery procedures usually require large, extensive incisions for the removal of excess skin. Other body contour surgeries are also often performed in stages, meaning you could need several procedures over a long period of time to achieve your aesthetic goals. Lastly, other body contouring procedures require a long healing and downtime period, while liposuction offers a much faster recovery and minimal downtime.

    Tips for Keeping a Slim Body After Liposuction

    After liposuction, it’s important to follow your doctor’s post-op instructions to maintain weight loss and a slim body. Properly care for your incisions to reduce the risk of infection, and get plenty of rest as needed so you can benefit from minimal downtime.

    Nutrition and exercise are extremely important after liposuction. Though liposuction is effective at removing subcutaneous fat, weight gain is still possible following your procedure if you don’t practice certain healthy lifestyle behaviors. Eat nutritious foods such as fruits, vegetables, nuts, lean proteins, and whole grains, and exercise regularly on most days of the week. These behaviors can also speed up your metabolism to help you keep off extra weight.

    Who Should Consider Liposuction?

    Liposuction is ideal for anyone who wants to reshape the body and reduce stubborn fat that won’t go away with diet and exercise. The best candidates for liposuction are adults who are near their ideal body weight and who have firm, elastic skin and good muscle tone. Our doctors can determine whether you’re an ideal candidate for liposuction during a free consultation.

    Where Can I Find Liposuction Body-Sculpting?

    Liposuction body-sculpting and non-invasive body-contouring are available at Cosmetique Aesthetics and Surgical Center in the form of VASERlipo and VASER Shape—two minimally invasive liposuction techniques that offer minimum downtime and a fast recovery. Our offices are located in Culver City, CA, and Las Vegas, NV. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.