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  • improving the appearance of your skin with vitamin iv

    Improving the appearance of your skin with vitamin IV

    A vitamin IV treatment on a regular basis will improve the appearance of your skin

    “Your skin regenerates every 28 days or so; you are a product of what you put in your body,” says Sharsad

    Did you know that glutathione (an antioxidant) can be added to your vitamin IV to brighten your skin and combat sun damage over time?

    The Scoop on IV Beauty

    On an article published by ALLIE FLINN on totalbeauty.com, Dr. Ramin Sarshad, Medical Director and founder of Cosmetique Aesthetics (Culver City, California) explained how intravenous infusion guarantees 100 percent absorption of the active ingredients, unlike oral ingestion of vitamins and supplements that achieve approximately 55 percent absorption.

    He went on to say that when you shoot something directly into your bloodstream versus ingesting it, your body absorbs more of it. Read full article.