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Top 5 Things to Ask Your Doctor before You Have Laser Hair Removal

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Considering laser hair removal? Start off with a consultation from a reputable physician. Then, bring along this quick-hit list of questions – as well as your own from personal research. A professional doctor will appreciate you being prepared and well-educated.

Here are some common topics you’ll want to cover:

1. How much experience do you have performing laser hair removal?

This is a key question and you should pay attention to the answer. Do your research. Check the Better Business Bureau. Have there been any complaints against the physician? Ask for referrals from previous clients. Oftentimes speaking with someone who’s undergone the same laser hair removal procedure can give you much-needed reassurance.

2. Have you treated patients with my skin type and/or problem before?

A crucial question, especially if you have a unique skin condition that requires a specialist to perform your laser hair removal procedure. Do you have excessive hair growth? Acne? Scarring? Fair skin? Discuss all concerns with your doctor before the procedure.

3. What are the possible side effects and/or risks of this treatment?

As a patient, you’ll want to know before the laser hair removal procedure what risks and side effects you may encounter. While making sure you’re using a certified and reputable clinic may ease your mind, there are risks to every procedure. Have an honest, open discussion.

4. After examining my skin type and hair, how many laser hair removal treatments do you think I will need to achieve a lasting solution?

It’s different for everyone, and typically one treatment won’t stop your hair from growing. Skin type, hair type and pigmentation all factor into how many laser hair removal treatments you will need.

5. How long until I can resume normal activities following my laser hair removal procedure?

Depending on which body parts you’re having hair removed from, your instructions will vary. Your doctor may tell you to take it easy for the first few days, using strong sunscreen and moisturizer. Do not pluck any hairs you see growing.

An experienced and reputable physician will review all of these questions during your consultation. For more information regarding laser hair removal, visit Cosmetique’s laser hair removal page.

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